I left Korixas around 10am and arrived in Etosha National Park just after 13pm with a couple of stops on my way.


It was NAD80.00 (about USD9.50) for a person and NAD10.00 (about USD1.25) in addition for a vehicle to enter Etosha National Park.
Very very reasonable, right? But these fees were only to enter the park.


I normally search on the Internet for a guesthouse or a hostel to stay in at least a few days before I arrive in my next destination. However, I had no Internet connection for the past three days here in the outback of Namibia. As a result, I ended up paying NAD700.00 (almost USD85.00) for a deluxe double-bed room at a 4-star-like hotel in Okaukuejo, which is located inside the national park. There was actually a camping site here and it was only NAD200 per person (about USD24.00), but I didn't have a tent with me then. Ouch!
Even though dinner and breakfast were included, NAD700.00 was waaaaay over my budget....
The photo below shows the room I stayed in tonight. Honestly speaking, I felt a bit embarrassed when I walked into this room because it was set up as if it were for a honeymoon couple.


I dropped my luggage in my super luxurious room and started exploring around the park with my cute VW Polo this afternoon.

Springboks and zebras could easily be spotted, but those weren't what I was looking for. I was looking for lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, elephants and rhinos. Where the hell are they??



A couple of hours later, something suddenly came into my eyes.


It was a herd of elephants. They showed up right in front of my car, and there was one problem.
As soon as I found them, one of the adult elephants also noticed me and he (maybe she?) kept staring at me. I had to stop my car immediately.


My curiosity grew bigger and bigger, and I wanted to get much closer to them, but the adult elephant never moved and his eyes were definitely targeting at me. If I had ever moved any closer, he would run amok towards me for sure.
I realized that my car was a tiny cute VW Polo, I no longer had that macho TOYOTA Hilux 4x4.... No obvious risk to be taken now.


So what happened in the end?

Curiosity killed the cat??

No, I killed my curiosity by waiting for about half an hour. I never moved and the elephants slowly stomped away from me. Huhhhh.....
This close encounter was such an African experience for me.

As I was driving back to my hotel, the sun was gradually going over the horizon. The whole land became pitch-black and turned into a no-man's land while all stars started shining like diamonds in the night sky. It was truly amazing and just gave me a big smile: "I'm in Africa now".


The photo below shows my dinner tonight. It was an Eland steak with some creamy pepper sauce on it. I must admit that it was so tender and not as fatty as beef. Such a delicious steak and I was very sorry to Elands!


The highlight of today wasn't actually my encounter with those elephants or the delicious Eland steak. It was actually after dinner when I sat by the famous waterhole where animals would gather at all times to drink water. This was the main reason why I paid NAD700 to stay in Okaukuejo.


The temperature sharply dropped at night and it was very cold, dry cold.
I sat on a bench which was built behind a fence of the waterhole and I watched a few rhinos slowly coming out of nowhere and quietly drinking water or taking a bath.



Throughout the time I was sitting by this waterhole, something was singing in the dark. It could be by birds or insects or animals or all of them. I started wondering if their song was about their families or their beautiful land or simply love?
Whatever was out there then, it was so peaceful and surreal tonight. All my senses became hyper sensitive. Yet, I was feeling extremely calm.
Our mother nature is so immense and so mighty. I'm only a microscopic part of this vast energy flow on earth.



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