I got up just after 6am. It was almost the first light of the day and the sunrise was still about 20 minutes away. It was freezing outside. I hurriedly put on my jacket and trousers, and walked straight to the waterhole to see if any animals were already there.


Surprisingly, there was only one springbok....

I was expecting a lot more animals to be having water there at dawn, but only one tiny springbok. How funny is that?!


Desperately hoping to see some animals at dawn, I left the waterhole and drove my car to the west.

Only a few minutes after I left Okaukuejo, a family of giraffes came into my eyes. They were walking slowly through the bush and across our driveway towards a big lake.


I had seen two giraffes from afar at Scothia Game Reserve in South Africa two months earlier. This time five giraffes showed up and they were quite close from my car. I was so thrilled to see them then!


As the giraffe family slowly faded out of my sight, the golden sun rose above the horizon and started burning my eyes. I decided to drive back to my hotel in Okaukuejo for breakfast.



After having a nice buffet-style breakfast back in Okaukuejo, I once again went back to the waterhole to see if there were any animals there. And the photo below shows what it was like at the waterhole then.


It was completely different from earlier this morning. There were buffaloes, zebras, springboks and gemsboks everywhere!



Amongst these thirsty animals, one giraffe appeared out of nowhere and I instantly became curious how that super-tall and skinny animal would drink water at the waterhole.


Unlike other animals, this giraffe didn't walk into the waterhole, but it stopped at the shore.


And the next second, what this giraffe did blew my mind as shown in the photo below.


I could never guess that!
It was such a unique way of drinking and I was amazed but laughing at the same time.
Somehow it was so adorable, and Giraffe has now become one of my favourite animals.


The photos below show all the other animals I witnessed in Etosha National Park today.







Unfortunately, I saw no lions, no leopards, and no cheetahs.
However, I still saw tons of other animals and I was very pleased to visit Etosha in the end.


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