I left Etosha National Park around 13pm yesterday and drove to a town called Otjiwarongo. Acacia Camp in Otjiwarongo was where I stayed last night and it was only NAD150 per night for a very basic single private room with a shared bathroom and no breakfast.
It was such a transition from that 4-star-like hotel in Etosha National Park last night to this prison-like monotonous single room (As shown in the photo below). The latter is what this shabby vagabond normally stays in these days anyway.


The reason why I came to this town was to visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund (hereafter CCF) located just outside Otjiwarongo.



I was the only visitor when I walked into the CCF this morning. I would just have wandered around this conservation centre and had a glance at cheetahs, but I wanted to take a real close look at the cats. So I actually paid NAD400.00 (about USD50.00) to join an activity called "Drive" - riding a special 4x4 with a guide into a protected land where cheetahs are roaming around. My guide was native Otjiwarongon guy Steven.

Steven and I hopped on to the 4x4, and shortly after our 4x4 drove through two tight-security gates, a few cheetahs showed up as if they instantly smelled us from afar.



Steven was very knowledgeable and it was so easy to tell how much he was adoring these cheetahs.
Each one of the cheetahs here was given a name such as Samantha, Blondi, Dusty, Sandy, Solo, Amani, etc. Amongst them, Samantha, Dusty and Amani seemed to be very used to Steven, and I was stunned to see how close Steven and these cheetahs were interacting with each other.




Another thing that really surprised me was when these cheetahs reacted to Steven by miaowing like domesticated cats! They cracked me up and I found them so cute. They actually never roar like lions or tigers.


The drive was just less than an hour, but I really enjoyed observing these gorgeous cats and Steven was very nice to me.
The CCF also features some exhibitions of cheetahs and other animals in historical and scientific ways. Please google "Cheetah Conservation Fund" and visit their websites for more information.
The photo below shows me with Steven.



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