I was back in Swakopmund yesterday and drove to Factory Point in Cape Cross to have one last look at waves in the morning. I was also hoping to catch some waves there " if " the conditions were good then.


I arrived there just after 9am yesterday morning. The wind was blowing cross-shore then and waves didn't look any better than my last two visits with Makai and Ryan. Set-waves looked ridable, but they clearly appeared soft and a bit mushy to me. I decided not to go surfing then, and there was actually a very convincing reason why not to.
In fact, I saw about six dead seals on the beach at Factory Point, and at least a couple of them had "suspicious bite marks" on their bodies.
No more Makai and Ryan with me. Nobody else was around except me. I just didn't want to sacrifice my skinny body to whatever was in the water.... Yes, you can call me chicken!


It could have been the last chance for me to go surfing in Namibia yesterday, but I didn't. And today was my last day with the tiny cutie VW Polo as I had to return it tomorrow morning. I decided to drive around Cape Cross and Swakopmund areas.





Later in the afternoon I went to the Namib-Naukluft Park and the photos below show a very rare plant called "Welwitschia" that I saw in the desert.
Strangely enough, it looks like they are dead, but they are not. They can grow up to 2 ~ 2.5m in the middle of a desert where it hardly rains throughout the year.




In my opinion, Namibia is stunningly beautiful mostly because of its emptiness and vastness as well as the fact that there seem to be more animals than humans in this country.


At the same time, Namibia's landscapes can be seen very ghostly and make me wonder if the earth would have looked like this thousands of years ago.



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