I'm going back to South Africa today by Intercape Bus.
The fare is NAD870.00 from Swakopmund via Windhoek to Cape Town and is somehow a bit cheaper than when I came to Swakopmund from Cape Town about two weeks ago.


Now I'm summarizing my time in Namibia in this article for my future reference;

* Most Namibian people, regardless of their skin colours, speak Afrikaans as their first language. Of course, most of them can also speak English without any problems.

* Some sheep were stolen from a farm somewhere in Namibia on the day I rented the VW Polo. This news was broadcast on radio. Funny!

* Try not to drive your car at night. Not only because of the low visibility on the roads (pitch-black and can be foggy), but also some animals might suddenly show up in the middle of a road.

* It'll be very useful to have binoculars in order to look for animals in a huge national park as well as to check some waves.

* Buy a tent and a sleeping bag if you stay in Namibia for a while in order to save your budgets. But be extra-careful with wild animals at night.

* All Namibian banks charge a high commission fee for currency-exchange. As of May 2012, Standard Bank has the best exchanging rate.

* Make sure you have enough cash in your pocket while you are driving. Almost all the gas stations in Namibia only accept cash and no credit card payment.

* If you see a speeding car coming towards you on the other side of a gravel road, slow down and keep as much distance from this car as possible. Otherwise, your car is likely to be hit with stones thrown by this car.

* Don't take a taxi between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. All local taxi drivers know that you are tourists and they just try to rip you off. They also drive so dangerously.

* Seals could actually attack people, especially in their mating season. Little did we know that some seals could have rabies. So if you ever get bitten by them, you'd better rush to an appropriate hospital. Deadly!


I truly enjoyed Namibia. This country has become one of the top 5 countries on my RTW trip. I'd like to come back here again in the near future, and hopefully, I can score "the left" at that secret spot next time!



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