Back in Cape Town, I didn't realize how green this city was. It was such a contrast between Namibia and South Africa in terms of scenery. Both are really beautiful but have completely different natural features.


Just like what I did in Namibia, I rented a tiny silver VW Polo from AVIS for three days and during the first two days I drove around the Cape peninsula to find some surf spots.


The below are the spots that I went to check out with my VW Polo;

1) Dungeons
2) Inner Kom
3) Crayfish Factory & Witsands
4) Dunes

The first spot "Dungeons" is arguably South Africa's biggest and most notorious spot. I had no intention to surf there but just wanted to see what it was like. However, I got lost on my way and could not find it....

The second and third ones are probably not well-known by international surfers. I didn't get lost on my way, but there was a strong cross-shore/onshore wind at both spots then.

The last one "Dunes" is located in the middle of a long beach - at least 25 to 30 minutes of walk from the nearest parking area.
This was actually where I really wanted to go surfing, but I didn't (or I couldn't).
The photos below show the beach where Dunes is located, and the official name of the beach is "Noordhoek Beach".




Swells appeared to be there, but the wind direction didn't seem right. Thus, waves were breaking all over the place and no guys were seen out there then.


Additionally, it was looking a little sharky even though it was clear blue sky. In the end I didn't have guts to get out there by myself.


I ended up surfing at Long Beach - one of the most popular spots in this area.
I never planned to go there to surf, but I just accidentally found it while driving around the area where Dunes was.


The water was deadly freezing, it was as icy as (or much icier than?) Punta de Lobos in Chile. There was also a lot of kelp everywhere in the water, and it made this spot a bit spooky. The kelp also annoyed me a bit as it often tangled around my leash-code in the water.


Waves at Long Beach were about 3ft on sets. Clean face and breaking both right and left. I caught quite a few waves, but mostly short rides, and thanks to the icy water, I think I caught a cold, too.



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