It was my third and last day with the VW Polo and, instead of looking for some surf spots, I decided to cruise around with Japanese guy Mikio who I met at the hostel in Cape Town.

I don't know why most tourists just go to the Cape of Good Hope but not to Cape Agulhas. It's so obvious in any maps that Cape Agulhas is the "real southernmost" of the African continent, and the Cape of Good Hope is neither the southernmost nor westernmost of Africa. However, for some reason the Cape of Good Hope is more famous and popular than Cape Agulhas.
So Mikio and I went to Cape Agulhas today to see what it was all about.


I had a navigation in my rented VW Polo this time, and it was easy enough to drive in and around Cape Town.
Mikio was from Nagoya, the town where I was also from. He was sitting next to me while I kept driving the whole way. It took us almost three hours to Cape Agulhas and we arrived there just around midday.
Interestingly enough, nobody was there except us, and as soon as we reached the tip of South Africa, we instantly understood why Cape Agulhas wasn't very popular amongst tourists.


Basically, there was a small stone-monument there and it simply divided the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. That was it!.
Coming all the way from Cape Town and only that small monument to indicate the "real southernmost of Africa". No wonder we were the only tourists there then!


Mikio and I only spent 10 minutes or so, and we decided to head down to the Cape of Good Hope for comparison.


Mikio was, once again, just sitting seat next to me, having some conversations with me and occasionally taking a nap. Even though I generally love driving, I was getting so tired this time.


It took us almost four hours to get to the Cape of Good Hope.
There were somehow many Indian tourists at the Cape of Good Hope when we arrived there. Mikio was asked to have photos taken with them many times, while I purposely stayed away from them.


Much like Cape Agulhas, I saw nothing special at the Cape of Good Hope, and I never understood why it claimed that it was the southernmost as well as the westernmost of the African continent??? Such a bad misconception!
The southernmost is, without a doubt, Cape Agulhas, and the westernmost is Les Almadies near N'Gor in Senegal.

The photo below shows Mikio standing up on the tip of the Cape of Good Hope.


In the end, neither Cape Agulhas nor the Cape of Good Hope was impressive to me, but I went to both of them as for my own novelty value.


!!!!! Note !!!!!
The Cape of Good Hope is located in a national park. So you have to pay to get in and will be told about the closing time of the gate then. Be careful with this closing time because it's just before the sunset-time of the day.
Mikio and I wanted to see the sunset inside the park, so we unwisely stayed in and got back to the gate about 30 minutes later than the closing time. Security guards stopped us then and told us to pay a big fine, which we didn't have to pay in the end by apologising to them sincerely. It could've been a big trouble, otherwise.


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