I don't like roller-coasters or skyscrapers or cable-cars or high mountains. Yes, I am acrophobic and I could not fully enjoy Machu Picchu in March 2011 because of that. However, every now and then I do go hiking to mountains and I still genuinely enjoy it.

It was cloudy and rainy for the past few days, but the most iconic mountain in Cape Town called Table Mountain just came out of the grey soup in the sky this morning. It was time for me to get sweaty by hiking up this mountain.


The trail was very clear and easy to navigate by myself, though it was occasionally rough. I was glad to have my proper hiking boots on.
The photos below show the things that I saw along the trail.







Despite the fact that Cape Town was already in winter, it was hot today and I was sweating a lot. The trail became a little steep towards the top, but my acrophobia didn't take over me this time.



It took me just over three hours on foot from my hostel on New Church St. to the top of Table Mountain. The view from the top was magnificent and it was ten times more impressive than Cape Agulhas and the Cape of Good Hope, both of which I visited five days ago.


The photo below shows how it looks on the top floor of Table Mountain, it was quite flat there with some rocks and a little green.


A few small animals called Dassi (aka Rock Hyrax) were seen on top as shown in the photo below (on the bottom left).


Luckily, the weather was perfect all day today and I spent a couple of hours on top, having lunch and taking photos (Please click the photo below to enlarge it).


Just an hour before sunset I started descending, and it quickly became dark. I had to use my flash-light on my way back then, but the whole city of Cape Town gradually began glowing with lights and the view from the halfway on the trail was breath-taking.
Today's hiking was worth my effort and I was happily back in my hostel without any problems.



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