After travelling and surfing with my blue Al Merrick 6'1 for nearly two years during this RTW trip, I accidentally went straight with it to a big rock near the exit-keyhole two days ago. It was high-tide and waves kept coming; I was a little careless then.
The photos below show the autopsy of the board.




It's always sorely heart-breaking when I get a ding on or snap my own board.
This Al Merrick was made of epoxy and I would still have a chance (a slim chance?) to have it repaired, but I decided to ditch it for good and buy a new one (I actually gave it away to a local boy here in J-Bay). Surfboards in South Africa are so cheap. So why not?!

My next partner is a Firewire Hellfire 5'8 as shown in the photo below. This quiver is as light as a feather and almost as durable as epoxy. I will love it from now on for sure.


Gratitude to my blue girlfriend for her great company on my RTW trip! I've caught many epic waves with her.



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