The last time I was in Durban, I stayed in Happy Hippo Backpackers located in Durban Central (near Addington Beach), but this time I went to Ansteys Beach Backpackers located in Bluff, the south of Durban. The above photo shows how it looks like from Ansteys Beach Backpackers.

My reason for coming to stay in Bluff was to see a famous break called Cave Rock, about a 5-minute walk from Ansteys Beach Backpackers.


Unfortunately, Cave Rock never showed what it was reputed to be while I was staying at Ansteys. The swells weren't big enough and the wind direction wasn't quite right for Cave Rock then. However, I was still able to catch a few waves one day at the beach break in front of the backpackers.


Durban has actually become one of my favourite cities now: it's very warm (can be sticky hot in summer), urbanized enough, multi-cultural enough with nice and cheap African food and Indian food around, but minus the high crime-rate.


South Africa was never in my itinerary until the last minute of my stay in Senegal, but I'm now absolutely delighted to come this far from there.
South Africa itself along with all the surfers who I met in the past few months really opened up my eyes and made me truly love surfing more than ever.


Many thanks to my friend Jeremy who came to pick me up at Durban airport, let me stay at his flat for my first week in Durban, took me out for a few day-trips on the north coast for surfing, and taught me many things about South Africa. Without him I wouldn't have had such a great time in this country. Shot Jem!


Now my next destination is.... Switzerland!


I've been invited to my Japanese friend's wedding in Winterthur (near Zurich). She is marrying to a Swiss guy in a few days. So there'll be lots of food, drinks and chocolate to be had from now on. Yeahhh!
My only concern at the moment is that everything will be bloody expensive in Europe, especially in Switzerland. And there will be no surfing for a while....


There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. (By Nelson Mandela)

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