My Swiss friend Luzia lives in Lucern, about 40min by train from Winterthur.
Today I caught up with her and she drove me to one of the tiny European countries called Liechtenstein on a day-trip.
The photo below shows the car Luzia booked for us today. It was a car-sharing scheme which a few companies in Japan also introduced in major cities recently. Quite economical and convenient if you live in a city where this sharing system is thoroughly implemented. My home-town Kasugai also has this system now, but only two cars are available.... Useless!


Luzia and I used to share an old three-story house on Richard St. in Vancouver, Canada in 2004 with eight other people. I still can't believe that ten of us in total stayed together in the same place in cold miserable Vancouver back then. I was young and broke at that time.
I've known Luzia ever since then and we actually met up again in December 2009 when I was on a business trip to Europe. So it was my second reunion with her this time.

It took us just over an hour to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. It was cloudy and drizzling when we arrived there, but it cleared up by midday.


Schloss Vaduz is located in Vaduz and is home to the royal family of Liechtenstein. You can never miss this castle as it's built over a hill and it's the biggest landmark in Vaduz.
The photo below shows Luzia and me with the castle behind us.


Later we walked into a cafe for lunch. It was just a casual cafe to have a decent meal. Nothing fancy then, and Luzia and I had a drink and a meal for each, but our bill turned out to be almost 70 dollars. Ouch!


!!!!! Note !!!!!
Don't forget to bring your passport with you. You can get a stamp of Liechtenstein at the tourist office in Vaduz. I forgot to bring mine today. So I got it on a piece of paper instead. Ahhh....


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