German long-boarder Niko kindly drove me to San Sebastian as the surf became as flat as a pancake at Lafitenia.
San Sebastian is a great city to hang out and there are a couple of surf spots in and around this city. That's why I ended up staying there for three weeks during my last visit in Spain in 2010. However, as the surf-forecast for the Basque region over the next few days showed very small swells, I skipped it this time and caught a local coach bus to Bilbao for EUR10.


Bilbao is a decent-size city surrounded by a few mountains. No surfing here and I was just cruising around the central town as well as visiting the most popular tourist attraction in this city - Guggenheim Museum.


Guggenheim Museum didn't really turn out to be one of the best museums I ever visited before, but it was very interesting with some experimental and enigmatic artworks featured in it, and this super-decorative building on the outside was very remarkable.



I only spent three days in Bilbao and left there as soon as I noticed in the forecast that "some swells" were predicted to reach the coast of the Basque country this weekend.
Like what happened to me in Lafitenia, there was one surf-spot in Spain where I couldn't score any waves in October 2010 - a place called Mundaka. I had to go and surf there this time at any cost. So I took a local bus (only EUR2.50 one way) for Mundaka on Friday.


BBK Bilbao was the hostel that I stayed in while in Bilbao. On the other hand there was no hostel or reasonable accommodation in Mundaka. Therefore, I just camped at a site located within walking distance to Mundaka's massive river-mouth.
This camp-site was about EUR8.00 per person per night and was better facilitated than the one I camped at in Lafitenia.


It was the forth week of August and nearly the end of summer holidays for many Europeans. The town of Mundaka seemed as quiet as my last visit.


The day-light was still long enough, and it was very warm and sunny. Summer holidays weren't quite over yet for some people, and certainly not for me either.


Despite the fact that some forecasts showed the peak of swells to be on Saturday, on the actual Saturday the wind-direction was cross-shore/onshore and fairly strong; no good for Mundaka then. However, on the following Sunday morning the wind died down and the surf picked up finally. It was time for me to try one of the world's best rivermouth spots.


Waves were only 3ft on sets, neither as big nor hollow as what Mundaka was reputed to be. Nevertheless, I had some fun waves and definitely felt the energy flow of this massive rivermouth.


Unfortunately, the swells didn't last long and quickly disappeared by Monday. I packed my camping and surfing gears and decided to go south to my final destination in Spain - Barcelona.


It was extremely busy with waves of tourists when I arrived in Barcelona....
This Antonio Gaudi's Wonderland (I mean Barcelona) appeared quite peculiar to me as Gaudi's artwork could be found almost at every single corner in town.




Many people would highly admire Gaudi's work done on Barcelona. And so would I. But I personally thought that Barcelona had a little too much of it and his typical grotesque architecture somehow never clicked for my liking. And as most of you already know, the Sagrada Familia is Barcelona's most significant landmark. I surely went there to see what it was all about.


Honestly speaking, it didn't actually impress me at all, but I was rather disappointed about that never-ending construction site on the already-ugly cathedral.
Who the hell in the world would be happy to see those heavy machines hanging all over the building?! Moreover, it was the actual design done on both the front-side and the back-side of the cathedral that made me simply think: "Oh, Ugly!"
Well, despite my utter disappointment I still took a photo of myself in front of it as a tourist. Hahaha


What I found much more enjoyable than visiting Gaudi's eccentric architecture was this motor-bike museum in the old city of Barcelona. It was featuring some of the rarest Spanish motorbikes and I became enthralled into every single detail and history of them.


Ok. My time in Spain is coming to an end now and I must head back to Switzerland to catch my flight in Zurich next week.
I'm quite pleased that I was able to score a few decent waves in Mundaka and that I visited Bilbao and Barcelona, both of which I could not go to during my last visit in Spain in 2010. The only pity this time is that I've confirmed how terrible my Spanish is despite having spent 10 months in Latin America last year....


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