I took an overnight bus from Barcelona to Bern. The bus was Eurolines again and we left Barcelona at 21:30pm. I had to change the bus to another one in Lyon the next morning and arrived in Bern around 14pm. The bus-ride wasn't comfortable at all despite paying EUR127.00 for it. Nonetheless, it was still cheaper than trains or flights.
Interestingly enough, a girl who sat next to me on the bus was Japanese from Yokohama. She was quite shy and I kept asking her questions; She had just been to the Tomatena Festival near Valencia, southern Spain. Her story intrigued me a lot. I'll definitely check it out next time I come to Spain!


It was raining cats and dogs when I arrived in Bern. I just went straight to Christine's flat located just outside downtown Bern (Christine was one of my European Charlie's Angels during my trip in South America).
She wasn't there when I arrived, but her boyfriend Gian greeted me then.

Honestly speaking, nothing much to do while I was in Bern other than strolling around this tiny capital city of Switzerland.


I didn't know at all until Christine and Gian told me that Bern was actually named after the bears which used to be kept in a tiny park in the middle of the city. And today bears (not the same ones) are still kept in a park which is said to be a little bigger than the previous park. Poor bears!


Gian, Christine and I one night went out for dinner at a pizzeria in the old town of Bern. Three of Christine's female friends, Natalie, Georgia and Aliana, also joined us then (Four women and two men. Very lucky me!) All these women including Christine actually have super high-profiles like lawyers and judges.... Scary!



Just a weekend to be spent with Christine and Gian, and I took a train on the following Monday for Luzern where I caught up with Luzia again and I crashed at her place for one night.


We did a few things together - playing foosball, eating cheese fondue, etc. But nothing as crazy as locking ourselves in a chamber of -110 degrees Celsius!
Yes, it's a chamber specifically designed for athletes and is meant to "heal" their sport-injuries by staying at the room temperature of -110 Degrees Celsius for up to 3 minutes.
Apparently, a ( mad ) Japanese scientist invented this chamber and there are a few of them in Japan too! Luzia and I gave it a try anyway.


We were allowed to keep our socks, shoes and some sort of swim-wears on as well as thin gloves, but no shirt on top. The above photo shows how we dressed just before we entered the chamber which was right behind us. (those hair-bands were to cover our ears).

And the result was,

Needless to say, it was DEADLY FREEZING !
I was only able to stay just over two minutes and jumped out of it screaming, while an all-time-energetic Luzia completed her 3 minute session. I actually found her crazier than this ice-freezing chamber. Hahaha!


My body was still shivering like hell, I thanked Luzia for letting me try such an unforgettable experience and left Luzern for Zurich where I spent one night to catch up with Nina, another one of my European Charlie's Angels during my trip in South America.


We met up at a Japanese restaurant for lunch (Sushi was quite good there.) And later in the evening we went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant along with Nina's friend Sandra.
We also went cruising around a famous/infamous night-spot on Long Street (aka Long Strasse) for a couple of drinks after dinner. Lots of cool bars and pubs with the retro atmosphere and I felt like we just time-travelled back to the 60's and 70's then.


It was great to catch up with all my Swiss friends, but there was still one more place to be visited - Winterthur where Yumemi, Jonas and all their lovely party crew were living.


My little detour to Europe this time all began from here in Winterthur. I'd like to thank Yumemi and Jonas once again for inviting me to their beautiful wedding.

What a great trip in Europe I just had with lots of cool friends and lots of laughter. I'll be sorely missing them and chocolate.


My next destination is India via Sri Lanka.
Yes, India is finally on my radar now!


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