I haven't seen rain since I came to India.... And it's been sticky hot and very dusty. Additionally, Indian curry is hot, spicy-hot! The combination of high temperature and humidity in combination with spicy curry only keeps me sweating a lot.


The photo below shows vegetable curry that I had for lunch at a local restaurant today. It was only INR35.00 (about USD0.70). Of course, it was super spicy and I was only able to finish it with some help of Maaza; incredibly sweet Mango nectar.
Funnily enough, two local boys who sat next to me were also sweating quite a bit while they were having the same vegetable curry.


Basically, most Indian people eat curry every single day, but I don't (I don't want to).
Thanks to all international travellers and ex-pats who have been to Varanasi in the past, this sacred place is actually cosmopolitanized enough in terms of food as there are quite a few Western-style restaurants, cafes and bakeries here; I even found one Japanese restaurant with Ramen in the menu.
Having said that, I haven't tried any of these places. I usually go out to a local restaurant for lunch. And for dinner I just go to a local market and buy an "on-time cooked meal" from a street vendor.
The photo below is one example to show my dinner: this is not curry but more like Chinese noodles. It was very cheap and quite good!


There are also a couple of shops selling sweets in Varanasi. Eating curry at all times could turn me off, but sweets don't.
The photo below shows some sweets that I bought the other day without knowing exactly what they were made of (probably made of tons of sugar and starch). I quite enjoyed them and they actually reminded me of Lokum, aka Turkish Delight.


By the way, I stepped onto "something" on my way back to my guest-house after dinner one night. I couldn't really tell what it was because it was dark then, but I felt it in a funny way; something very soft and a bit slimy, Then I had a close look and it turned out to be a dead rat on the street. Yuck!
Needless to say, I've already accidentally stepped onto cow's poo a few times ever since I came to Varanasi.

Oh well, this is India....


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