During the daytime the Ganges appears to be just a murky river (at an extreme level) with thick smog over the sky.
I don't find it pleasant at all to walk along this river, but still slightly nicer and quieter than walking through that jungle of people, cars, tuk-tuks, bicycles and cows in town.


Like what I wrote in the beginning of my diary for India, I came to this land of spirituality just out of curiosity. I'm not in India to find my own self. Nevertheless, the feelings that I sense from Varanasi are quite overwhelming, especially when I go down to the Ganges at night and see thousands of Hindu pilgrims bathing in the Ganges and taking part of an Aarti; a Hindu ritual. This ritual takes place every single night.



So much of incense-smoke in the air and lots of offerings on the ground, pilgrims are frantically chanting and selflessly praying.




Generally speaking, India is a huge land with plurality in language, religion, culture and ethnicity. But Varanasi seems very one-sided to me with tons of only Hindu fanatics coming to bath in the coffee-coloured Ganges. I've now confirmed that this is indeed a sacred place.



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