I took a local train very early in the morning and left Aurangabad for Mumbai yesterday.
Like what I always see on trains in Japan, many Indian commuters seem to like taking a nap or two on trains.


It appears to me that things such as infrastructure, shops and public transport in Mumbai are moderately organised. There is also enough green on every street, maybe more greenish than Nagoya - my hometown in Japan.





Although I'm not a big fan of large cities, Mumbai is surprisingly better than expected (I don't mean it a lot better, but slightly better). This Indian metropolis (?) is quite busy, dirty, messy and noisy, but it is somehow colourful and cosmopolitanised.


!!!!! Note !!!!!
Hotel Kalapi is where I'm staying while in Mumbai. It's located within 5 ~ 10 minutes of walk from the Mumbai Central Station. It's INR850 per night for a super tiny single private room with a bathroom and an AC. The room is very clean, but not cheap at all. In fact, I was planning to stay in another hotel where they had a dorm for INR550, but it was full.
There are many hotels around the station, but unlike all the other cities I've been to in India, accommodation in this city is very pricey unfortunately.


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