If you are a vegetarian, travelling in India can be relatively easy. If you are a big meat-eater, however, you might find it difficult. I'm neither of them. But I still find it difficult to adjust myself to Indian cuisine which is mostly curry and is made of lots of spices and a few vegetables. I love vegetables, but all the curry-dishes I've tried in India are soupy with no solid vegetables in them.

The photo below shows a Thali with fried Chapttis. I had this in a restaurant near Mumbai Central Station last night. Obviously, it was soupy and spicy and salty. Although those greasy Chapttis were good enough, this Thali wasn't as good as the Bengal Thali that I had the other day in Aurangabad.


In order to compensate for all the spicy stuff in India, I've found the best sweet. It's called "Dark Fantasy - Choco Fills" as pictured below. It's basically buttery cookies filled with melting chocolate inside. So irresistible!


What was even more astonishing than the Dark Fantasy cookies was the one pictured below.
It was exactly the same thing that I had in one of the small dishes on the Bengal Thali in Aurangabad. This orange stuff, possibly made of coconuts, was warm and subtly sweet.


I found this vendor every morning at the same place, just a few blocks away from Hotel Kalapi. It was super quick, super cheap and super irresistible. My most favourite breakfast in India for sure!


!!!!! Note !!!!!
I actually walked into a McDonald's in Mumbai one day, not because I was craving meat, but craving something different from veggie curries. What I found then were chicken burgers and French fries on the menu but no beef burgers. Seriously none! Indian people do not know the joy of BBQ unfortunately.


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