Since the train entered Kerala state, the scenery changed dramatically from dry woodlands (North and Central India) to greenish sub-tropical forests. Trivandrum wasn't dry hot anymore but sticky hot - my favourite climate.


I was more than happy to end 42-hours of my train-ride in Trivandrum Central Station on Sunday morning due to those nasty bed-bugs.
As soon as I picked up my bulky luggage out of the bug-infested carriage, I caught a tuk-tuk just outside the station to head down to Kovalam Beach, about 17km away from downtown Trivandrum. Rod and Priscila were expecting my arrival there.
The fare for the tuk-tuk was INR180. I negotiated it with the driver beforehand, but I later realised that this tuk-tuk had a meter which showed INR140 when he dropped me off at Kovalam Beach. I didn't say anything to the driver....


It was clear blue sky with seemingly fresh sea-breeze. And just a few steps away from where I got off the tuk-tuk was a relatively clean beach and there were also waves in sight!


Surfing in Kovalam? Of course!
As soon as I dropped my bags at a hotel, I went out to the Lighthouse beach. It was far from anything special, just an average beachbreak with both left and right handers. Waves were max 2ft on sets with gentle cross-shore winds, most of them closed out or occasional short rides with one turn to be made (if you were fast enough). Nevertheless, only one local guy was out there with me then :-)

!!!!! Note !!!!!
Rod, Priscila and I are staying in a hotel called "Manthra". It's INR400 for a private room with Wi-Fi and a hot-water shower. It's located behind Leo Restaurant at Lighthouse Beach. I highly recommend it!


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