Rod, Priscila and I left Sri Lanka exactly on the same day last month. They flew straight to Trivandrum and have been staying in Kovalam Beach ever since then while I flew to ugly dusty Chennai and have travelled through a bit of North and Central India for the past three weeks.
When we went apart from Sri Lanka three weeks ago, we weren't really sure if we would catch up again here in Kovalam, but we promised that we would definitely see each other again somewhere in India.


Kovalam Beach is nothing pristine but pretty enough (by Indian standards) to make many tourists extend their stay longer than initially planned and I fully understand why Rod and Priscila haven't left here yet. It's frickin great to see them again anyway!


One good aspect of this town is that there are no vehicles allowed inside. This means that I don't hear any stupid Indian drivers honking anywhere in town or around my hotel room.
I don't know if this no-vehicle rule is due to local people's concern to the environment (probably not!) or it is just those roads inside the town which are too narrow for vehicles to come in. Either way Kovalam is chilled with lots of palm trees and local people are quite laid-back.
The only downside of this town is that there are somehow tons of Russian tourists congregating here and most of them are grumpier than this grumpy Japanese man. I'm just sticking around with Rod and Priscila at all times.



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