There are many restaurants along Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam. A funny thing is that I've never eaten at any of these restaurants since I came here. Instead, I often eat at restaurants one or two streets behind from the main street on the beach.
There is one restaurant in particular where I have breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner. It's that good and cheap. Futhermore, one of the chefs at this restaurant is very friendly and he always says to me "Namaste! Namaste!" for everything he does.

Chai is good all over in India, right? Really hot and fresh Chai (not lukewarm) at this restaurant is unbeatable, especially in the morning.


The photo below shows my usual lunch or dinner: vegetable curry with Parotta. It's only INR40.
Even though this vegetable curry is a little spicy, the Parotta is kind of sweet. So they go really well together.


The photo below shows my favourite dish - Egg Buriyani (or Egg Biryani).
When I had it for the first time, I thought "What the heck is this? Where are the eggs...?"


As you stick your spoon into the bowl of rice, the core of Egg Buriyani slowly appears: there are boiled eggs, raisins, vegetables and spices all hidden in it. A very interesting dish and I absolutely loved it.


Rod, Priscila and I one day went to Trivandrum Central by bus (The fare from Kovalam to East Fort in Trivandrum was INR14.00 without ACs and INR26 for an AC-bus.)
We went there just to cruise around the city, but were also interested in checking out one restaurant located near the central station.


The above photo shows the Thali that we had at this restaurant in Trivandrum for lunch. It was mind-blowing with lots of rice, Dhal, a few different curries, curd and a sweet all served on a lovely banana-leaf.
This Thali is INR75 and seemingly all you can eat, as you wave at a food-server, he pours more rice, more Dhal, more curries till you tell him to stop.
Rod and Priscila tried their Thalis with their own right hands just like how all local people eat, but I didn't because I thought my right hand was too dirty!
Anyway, this Thali was as sensational and delicious as that Thali I had in Aurangabad a couple of weeks ago. What a happy meal for our lunch!


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