During my first three weeks in India I travelled through some bustling cities and I nearly became fed up with India and Indian people. Now almost two weeks have passed since I dropped all my bulky luggage in Kovalam.


With a surfable beach (mediocre waves), some nice restaurants, laid-back locals, and no stupid drivers honking around in this little sleepy fishermen's town, it feels like I've found an oasis of serenity in the most chaotic country.

Generally speaking, Indian people are still very alienating to me, but I've found these fishermen in Kovalam somewhat very cute. Every morning unless the sea is very rough I go out and catch a few waves while they catch tons of fish with their mile-long nets.




It's not only the charm of Kovalam that's pleased me, but it's also the presence of Rod and Priscila during my whole stay here.
They are the only people who I've caught up with 4 times on this planet: 1st in El Salvador, 2nd in Mexico, 3rd in Sri Lanka and now here. They are not my best friends anymore. They've become my special best friends.

They will be staying in Kovalam for a few more days, depending on Rod's back-pain, and then they'll start travelling north up to Mumbai, from which they'll fly back home in Sao Paulo.


Just before I started dragging my bulky luggage back into the chaos of India, Priscila gave me a little note with a Pomegranate - the fruit that she, Rod and I all love and is a great reminder of our relaxing time in Kovalam. It was very sad to leave them. Yet, I didn't say good-bye because I was 200% certain that we'd see each other again for the 5th time somewhere on this planet!


At 17:10pm departing from Trivandrum Central, the Chennai Mail Exp is taking me to Vellore - my final destination in India. And this will be my last overnight-train in India.



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