One of the greatest things about travelling and surfing around the world is that I get to see so many different types of surfboards and I sometimes have a chance to try them too.
Since my time in Senegal this past January I've ridden 10 different boards and I'm always amazed by how they all differ from each other in the water.

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While I terribly miss my 5'8 wooden Egg, my 5'8 Firewire V4 - one of the most agile as well as "fragile" surfboards - is nearly dead now as I've creased it three times - the first time in J-Bay, the second time in Quakam and the last in Playa Venao - each one of these incidents made a whole crack from one side of the rail to the other on the bottom....

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Now I've got a brand new board shaped by a Nicaragua-born guy called Juan, aka BOA, in Panama City. I can't tell you how much this board is; I would probably have to pay double if this were made in Japan. But I tell you that this board is 5'6ft long and is made of EPS with the glassing of 4oz Bottom / 2x4 Deck, plus double-stringers. Yes, this is the shortest board I've ever owned in my life and it's been so long since I last ordered a custom-made board. I'm so stoked to have this one now.

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This time I did ask Juan to imitate the bottom and the tail-shape of my V4, so that I won't have to do big adjustments in my surfing and will still be able to practice with this new 5'6 in the same way as how I surfed the V4 (I hope!) Furthermore, with the medium glassing and the double-stringers I won't have to worry about breaking this 5'6 so easily.

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All I need now is the ocean with waves! My next destination is Playa Morrillo.
The only problem I have right now is that the World Cup 2014 has been hosting some great games and it's bloody hard to get my ass off the couch in Panama City, Hahaha.

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