I left chilly drizzling Boquete just before 7am and arrived in sticky drizzling Pavones just before 7pm. It took me a lot longer than expected and most of the time was actually spent on just waiting for snail-slow buses in the middle of nowhere in Costa Rica: the public transport in Panama seemed a little more efficient to me.

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My second visit in that remote village of Costa Rica with a certain amount of nostalgia for how great the waves were back in May 2011.

Before talking about waves, I am a severe chocoholic and was fully aware that Costa Rica was producing one of the world's finest chocolates, but didn't know exactly where to find it in the country. Funnily enough, it turned out that Pavones was rich in Cacao fruits.

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Like the coffee-plantation tour that I joined while in Boquete, I delightedly took part of a chocolate-workshop conducted here in Pavones by a local guy called Alberto, a.k.a. Berto.
It was the very first time in my life to see, touch and taste Cacao fruits and their beans: I had somehow always thought that Cacao would only grow in dryland. No! It's opposite in fact. Forests are extremely dense with lots of sun and rain at this part of the planet. The humidity can also be horrendously high, so a yucky mold will grow everywhere on your belongings. Such climate is what Cacao apparently prefers.

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The photo below shows Berto grinding roasted Cacao beans. This process was the hardest and required lots of man-power. And what came out of the heavy grinder wasn't any cocoa powder, but deliciously bitter and warm chocolate - 100% Cacao-based chocolate without any sugar!

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Halfway through the workshop, we added brown sugar, pure brown sugar from sugar canes, and then we were able to make big chocolate bars with our own hands: The contents ranged from coconuts to sugary ginger and almonds.
In the end we, of course, took the chocolate bars back home with us and it only further escalated my addiction in chocolate. No wonder I joined this workshop again a couple of weeks later!

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This workshop was real hands-on! Plus to be able to learn how chocolate was organically made was just awesome. Thanks a lot, Berto!
Let's eat more chocolate and let's go surfing!

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