While my instinct (or addiction?) was still raw for chocolate, our mother nature shifted into the favour of this Japanese vagabond too. Like Playa Venao in Panama this past April and May, the surf in Pavones never became flat with at least two ground swells bombing in during my whole stay.
The best time was probably from September 15th (Mon) to 18th (Thu). Yes, this swell lasted for nearly four consecutive days! It was max 5 ~ 7ft on a set and the period was between 14 and 17 seconds with light offshore or cross-shore winds. Pavones went firing!

Air+Esky+Surfing+CostaRica 201401021

Air+Esky+Surfing+CostaRica 201401022

Although Pavones occasionally becomes empty for no reason as shown in the above photos, when a big swell wraps in, the point can often be packed with pros, underground chargers, oil-tanker SUPs, clueless beginners and grumpy Gringos.

Air+Esky+Surfing+CostaRica 201401023

Sick and tired of these Pavones crowds at times, I went surfing two other spots located within Golfito Bay.
The photos below show one of the spots that I went to by hiring a boat one day with some of the crew from the chocolate-workshop.

Air+Esky+Surfing+CostaRica 201401031

Air+Esky+Surfing+CostaRica 201401032

This particular spot might quite possibly be one of the world's longest right-hand waves, but is somehow not well-known as Pavones, which is great for me :-)
The photos below were taken by Nana from Sydney, Australia. The waves on this particular day were about max 3 ~ 4ft. I caught a few set-waves all the way to the beach, and I swear my rides almost reached 650 meters in distance (I later confirmed it on a map!) These are my second longest right-hand waves after the waves in J-Bay, South Africa.

Air+Esky+Surfing+CostaRica 201401033

Air+Esky+Surfing+CostaRica 201401034

Air+Esky+Surfing+CostaRica 201401026

My initial plan was to spend only a week in Pavones, but I quickly fell in love with the village and its surrounding areas and the waves (and the chocolate too!) As a result, I changed my mind in the last minute as well as my flight which cost me USD500 (Ouch!) I eventually spent three and a half weeks in this utopia.

Air+Esky+Surfing+CostaRica 201401040

Oh, Pavones....
Free bananas, free mangos, free coconuts, free limes and free waves. I wanna keep my spirits raw and free too!


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