Yes, I'm back.

I'm finally back in Japan.

Not so long away from home actually: it's only been a little less than two years since my last return to this land of Sushi. However, I'm already missing something....
Sushi is fantastic here, absolutely no doubt about it. Yet I'm feeling a little nostalgic rather than melancholic: it may be about Vietnam's motorbike-chaos or Indonesia's humidity in the air or Africa's vast wilderness or Latin America's happy-go-lucky vibes. I really don't know what it is, to be honest with you.

Since I came back here, people often say to me "welcome back to reality" instead of "welcome back home". What do they mean? "Welcome back to our workaholic country!" or "Welcome back to our fad-oriented society!" or "Welcome back to our endless rat-race!"....? Thanks dudes. But I didn't come back here to join any of them.

My reality for the past few years has been to chase one of my ordinary dreams - travel and surf around the world without working.
So colorful and so delightful, everything I saw and experienced are still vivid in my memory.
You might think that I've become hardy now by travelling to so many countries and surfing such various spots. The fact is, Noooo. Not at all. I'm still so vulnerable to many things. I'm still confused about myself. I'm still wondering if I could hit back on the road tomorrow. And I'm still learning to live. Simple.

While Air Esky rests its wings for now, my hopeless day-dreaming never ends.
A new chapter Air Esky in Japan begins from now on.


Click the photo below to see a photo album for my RTW trip between 2013 and early 2014.
(Note: Some of the photos were taken by Ryusuke, Jemsav and Eli. Thanks!)
Go to Air Esky's photo album


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