Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm still in Japan, for now....
It's actually not that bad to spend time with my family (and one big cat) and friends doing nothing special or silly but eating, drinking and making fun of each other. Some of my friends are musically talented and they often invite me to their live-shows or their friends' shows every now and then; music and friends - two of the very essentials in my life and it's even much better when they are in a combo!

In the meantime, I thought that it would be a good time for me to analyze and summarize where I had travelled to and what I had done over the past four and a half years. Here you go.
!!!!! Note !!!!! you can enlarge these map-images by clicking on them.

My 1st Round The World
Air_Esky_20150111_1stRTWdiagram small
Duration: 365 days from 2010/07/15 to 2011/07/14
Direction: Westbound
No. of Visited Countries: 30 [a*]
No. of Surfed Spots: about 36
No. of Times I Became Sick: at least 4
No. of Times I Puked: Uncountable
No. of Girlfriends: 0
a* including Antarctica which is technically not a country.

During the 1st RTW trip I flew a lot and kept on moving from one place to another as my focus was more on travelling than surfing, especially travelling around Latin American countries. Another contributing factor to this many flights was because of my round-the-world ticket by Star Alliance which was valid for maximum 365 days; it wasn't cheap and often made me rush through some of the countries as I had to catch the next flight. I can't believe that I travelled this way in exactly 365 days. Furthermore, I was actually carrying the heaviest burden of all time - an Ocean'Earth board case (7ft long). Huhh.... "We should always travel light." isn't only the wisest idea, but also the most practical way for all travellers. No doubt.

My 2nd Round The World
Air_Esky_20150111_2ndRTWdiagram small
Duration: 463 days from 2011/09/16 to 2012/12/21
Direction: Eastbound
No. of Visited Countries: 16 [a*]
No. of Surfed Spots: about 36 [b*]
No. of Surf-related Injuries: 2 [c*]
No. of Girlfriends: 0 Why?!
a* some of the countries were already travelled before.
b* including the river-surfing in Munich (I should've gone surfing in Cuba too!)
c* once in Dakar, Senegal and the other time in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka.

During the 2nd RTW trip I abandoned my 7ft-long coffin and packed my two surfboards in a lighter bag (still heavy enough to kill my shoulders at times). I also deliberately reduced the number of countries to visit, so my itinerary became simple and I chose my next destination as I went. I'm still very happy about the decision I made in January 2012 while in Senegal; which country should I go to next - Morocco or South Africa? And I chose the latter (I went to Morocco last February and March). My time in South Africa as well as Namibia really opened up my eyes and made me utterly passionate about surfing more than ever. Yet one exception was my visit to India. I never regret going there now and it did open up my eyes in a different way. Additionally, I was able to surf while in India. However, I will probably never go back there again.

My 3rd Round The World
Air_Esky_20150111_3rdRTWdiagram small
Duration: 627 days from 2013/01/05 to 2014/09/23
Direction: Westbound
No. of Visited Countries: 14 [a*]
No. of Surfed Spots: about 65 [b*]
No. of Consecutive-days of Surfing: 66
No. of Police-involved Incidents: 2 [c*]
No. of Encounters with Big Fish: 2 [d*]
No. of Girlfriends: 1 [e*]
a* some of the countries were already travelled before.
b* including four spots in Chiba and two spots in Yokohama before arriving back home.
c* once was in Lombok where I had my rented scooter stolen and the other time was in Cape Town where three guys broke into the hostel I was staying in.
d* once was in Sodwana Bay with a hammerhead and the other time was a scary big shadow in the water of J-Bay (Unfortunately, a local swimmer was killed a few days later.)
e* Yeaaaaah! But it's over now :-(

My 3rd RTW trip became even much simpler but with more days spent than the 1st or the 2nd. My main focus for this 3rd trip was definitely on surfing after surfing rather than spending too much time on the road despite the fact that I visited Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Lesotho and Swaziland for sight-seeing and no surfing. In other words, I would never have travelled this long without my passion for surfing. I must admit, however, that I was often quite sick and tired of backpacking from one place to another and also of meeting new people with the same introduction again and again and again (I was once literally very sick too.) Nevertheless, everything worked out fine for me in the end and I was really able to surf as much as I wanted :D

These map-images with statistical data quite clearly tell it all.
Now by looking at the world map, my feet are getting itchy AGAIN (I can't help it!) So I've come up with a couple of new ideas for my next RTW trip as below:

Ultimate Round The World Trip by Land & Sea (No Flights)
Air_Esky_20150111_4thRTWdiagram small
This itinerary will require me to drive a special vehicle in order to punch through some of the most severe road conditions on earth, plus an ice-breaker will be needed (or another special vehicle with such equipment installed) for super icy and frozen roads at the northernmost as well as the southernmost of this planet. Notably, I should be extremely careful for my own safety when I drive through some of those African, Middle-eastern countries and the Darien Gap. Oh, hang on! This itinerary has no flights, so I shall change this website from "Air Esky" to "Land Esky" then.

Space Travel
Air_Esky_20150111_5thRTWdiagram small
If the Land Esky turns out to be too erratic and too costly and too risky, don't you worry. I have a back-up plan; why not to launch myself into the air? This is truly "Air Esky", isn't it? Or shall I call it "Space Esky"? No waves up there though....

You might be laughing at my two seemingly unrealistic ideas now. But I'm quite serious and I do wonder if there are any sponsors to help me financially to achieve them; if not both, at least one of them.
Please let me know if anybody or any company would like to help me out in order to make these happen.


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