20150321 Air Esky My T 2nd visit 01

Back in T for two weeks and my sixth sense (?) for swells wasn't misleading at all this time. The waves were better and more solid than those I had during my previous visit this past January :-)

20150321 Air Esky My T 2nd visit 02

We even had 5ft+ waves for a couple of days due to Typhoon No.3 nicknamed as 'BAVI'. Unfortunately, this typhoon also brought quite strong S/SE winds, either strong sideshore or direct onshore winds.
Nevertheless, one lucky thing for us was that BAVI didn't land here. Instead, it headed straight into the Philippines.... I'm hoping that there's no more devastation by another tropical storm for people in the Philippines.

20150321 Air Esky My T 2nd visit 03

Just like my previous visit I was able to surf every single day again, and because the surf was more consistent this time than the last time, I had lots of fun playful waves for almost every session. In addition to that, the weather was balmy most of the time and the water was pleasantly warm. I can't complain!

20150321 Air Esky My T 2nd visit 04


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