My recent post in February was about some of the world's longest waves. And now this thought is suddenly coming to mind: "What if I were a very beginner?" because some of the spots mentioned in that article are neither for beginners nor for inexperienced surfers unless the waves are less than 3ft then.
Assuming that some beginners are desperately searching for easy spots to learn surfing with sand at the bottom, not too crowded, not too cold, not having to paddle or duck-dive too much, I'm listing 5 spots in this very article and they should be very ideal for beginners to start and learn surfing:

!!!!! Note !!!!!
All the following spots are listed in alphabetical order and deliberately excluding the USA, Australia and Indonesia for no reason.

Addington Beach in Durban, South Africa
Crowd: On weekends and whenever surf-schools are held.
Hazard: SUPs
Comment: Located between Addington Hospital and Ushaka Marine World in Durban. If you are here for the very first time with no proper equipment, you can easily rent boards at a couple of shops in the Marine World. Waves here are quite consistent almost all year around. You might need at least a short-sleeve wetsuit between May and October, depending on how thick your skin is and how much fat you have gained by eating yummy local Bunny Chows :-) Don't worry about sharks while you surf here as Durban's city beaches have shark-nets and there haven't been any attacks here for the past 50 years. Instead, keep an eye on some potential SUP-missiles launched into your face.
Air Esky Friendly Waves 01

Baby Point in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka
Crowd: Can be crowded from July to September
Hazard: Clueless beginner-surfers mostly from Europe
Comment: Unlike the main break located on the outside of Arugam Bay, this spot is nicely tucked into the south end of the bay. Therefore, the waves tend to become very mellow and you can easily paddle out from the beach: I say "paddle out" but you can literally walk with your board into the water and just jump on it to catch waves. Board-rental places are everywhere in Arugam Bay and another great aspect of this spot is that during the main season between late May and early October the water is super warm. Just watch out for other clueless beginners and your own board as you don't wanna have an injury like the one I sustained.
Air Esky Friendly Waves 02

Nha Trang, Vietnam
Crowd: Completely Empty!
Hazard: Sewage in the water mostly from mainland China
Comment: I can't believe that two years have passed since my visit here in February 2013 when I saw knee-high waves breaking at a long stretched sandy beach. Mind you, I'm not talking about the main beach located right by the city of Nha Trang. You have to hire a scooter and drive about 20 minutes down south through a small mountain along the coast. A pity that I didn't surf here as it didn't look inviting to me then. Yet I still assure you of scoring waves here between December and March when the North Shore in Hawaii is pumping - the same swells. Surprisingly, you can also rent rusty boards here at the beach. So you don't necessarily bring in and carry your bulky boards around in this communist/socialistic country! Additionally, a city called Da Nang should offer a couple of spots to surf too.
Air Esky Friendly Waves 03

Playa Coronado, Panama
Crowd: On weekends and during Panama's public holidays
Hazard: Heat and high humidity
Comment: It's becoming like a little resort area for rich Panamanians and crazy ex-pats. While the outside-section of Playa Coronado (pictured below) is where waves break in parallel to all the big rocks, the inside has no rocks or reefs but only sand at the bottom. Waves here tend to die out as you ride them closer to the shore, thus they are soft and slow which is what beginners need. As of June 2014, there were not any surf-shops for board-rental here. However, there appeared to be a couple of shops in town where you could rent boards and leash-codes: best to have your own gears and your own car. And don't forget to take sun-screen and lots of water with you. If you find no waves here, drive down to Playa Venao, you always find waves there.
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Tofo, Mozambique
Crowd: Only crowded when South African holiday-makers flock in here
Hazard: Sharks and thefts
Comment: Waves here are similar to those at Baby Point in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, and even the geographical features here are quite similar as this spot is located at the south end of a bay with sand at the bottom and very clear warm water. I was here in early August of 2013, which was generally off season for surfing in the region. Nonetheless, there were 1.5 - 2ft super mellow waves breaking almost every day but with onshore winds blowing most of the time :-( Keep in mind that in the water you wanna be careful with big fish. On land, whereas, be extra cautious about some dodgy people: I noticed that there was a bit of Wild Wide West going here even in the 21st century....
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Okay, this is it for you!
I actually know a few more spots around the world where beginners and alike can surf without any hassles, but I don't list them in this article. Email me in person or make a comment if you'd like to know :-)
Meanwhile, I have no guarantee for your complete safety when you go surfing at any of the above spots. So whatever happens to you, take your own responsibility and no blaming on me, but just claim it to your friendly travel-insurance companies.
Have a good one!


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