Based on my own experience, the more you travel from one place to another, the more money you have to spend and also the more adventurous as well as riskier your journey tends to become, especially if you try to reach some super remote or extremely impoverished places.
The below are five of my worst experiences with transportation, most of which I will probably never have to ride or travel by again. Hope not!

The Longest Single Journey
How: Bus
Where: From Dakar in Senegal to Bamako in Mali
20150921 Air Esky Worst Transport 01
Comment: This is by far the longest and most enduring bus journey I've ever taken in my whole life.
Despite the fact that I knew from the very beginning nothing would be convenient nor straightforward when travelling in West Africa by public transport, it was so much harder than I thought it would be. No air-cons and no toilets inside the bus, plus no windows that we could open.... Through the vast dry bushland it was impossible to appreciate where I was at and the only entertainment for me was to look out of the dusty stagnant window and gaze at each enigmatic Baobab tree as our nearly write-off bus was endlessly passing by.
About 28 hours in total for travelling by this single bus, and if I ever include the time to get from the hostel in Dakar to the city's bus-terminal, the waiting time before the departure and the time to get to the hostel in Bamako, it took over 32 hours in total. Huhh....

The Bumpiest Ride
How: Ship (used for scientific research before)
Where: From Ushuaia in Argentina to Antarctic Peninsula
20150921 Air Esky Worst Transport 02
Comment: I was reminded by other backpackers enough of how crazy the crossing of the Drake Passage was, thus I was mentally prepared beforehand, but like the bus journey in the above paragraph, it turned out to be a lot harder and scarier than I thought it would be, and I almost thought that our vessel became the next Titanic.
Imagine if you were inside a ship which kept moving exactly in parallel to huge rampy waves and it lasted for almost one and a half days...! Going to the toilet was a challenge, and washing my hands and brushing my teeth was another challenge: You just can't run water straight down from a sink at all, therefore taking a shower was out of the question then.
Nonetheless, this was all worth it in the end (Here is the reason why), although we had to go back the same way to the mother port in Ushuaia after all. Ahh....

The Scariest Flight
How: Cessna
Where: Nazca in Peru
20150921 Air Esky Worst Transport 03
Comment: I generally enjoy flying very much and I personally believe that, not all, but most major commercial airlines are super safe despite those recent air-disasters by Malaysian Airlines, GermanWings, etc.
Ya, my flight experience by Cubana Airlines back in November 2011 was worrying, but nothing happened to me then. I've had no cheating-death experiences with any airliners, but it was without a doubt by a local Cessna which flew me over the lines of Nazca in March 2011 and it made me soooo sick.
On board the aircraft there were no air-cons and no flight attendants (of course!). I was sat at the closest to the tail of the Cessna and almost suffocating. I cannot still describe today my sheer gratitude of having my own feet on the ground afterwards.
By the way, the past article for this scary flight mentioned that I only managed to take photos of two Nazca drawings, but No. I just discovered one more drawing as shown above. Monkeeeeey!

The Highest Extra-Baggage Fee
Which Airlines: ANA
Where: From San Francisco to Tokyo
20150921 Air Esky Worst Transport 04
Comment: Since that day on which I was charged USD300 for my surfboards in San Francisco for my flight to Tokyo, I have never flown ANA and never will in the future (maybe).
I don't know why I paid with no hesitations to this unkind national airline back then: it was actually the very last flight of my first round-the-world trip, which could be my reason - I was a bit too loose with my budget then. But with that 300 US dollars I could've bought a brand-new board in the US. Bagger me!

The Worst Passenger(s)
Who: Czech people
Where: From Vienna to Prague
20150921 Air Esky Worst Transport 05
Comment: Still today this incident provokes me and makes me seriously wonder if I could have done more to this bitch then.
All the details are written here: Sayonara Czech!


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