Air Esky 20151205 RTW Photo Exhibition 01

I don't know if "successful" is the most suitable word to describe my photo exhibition held last Sunday - December 6th - in Imaike because I was neither generating any profits nor aiming at any specific goals to achieve. It was absolutely nothing to do with my own money-making business. Nevertheless, the exhibition went very well and lots of people, way more than I had expected, turned up on the night.

It wasn't that I randomly set everything up for the event, though. During the initiation-stage I made up my mind with a couple of clear ideas in order to establish the theme of my exhibition. Those ideas were: 1) No digital but go analogue; no screens, no tablets and no projectors were needed, but get as many photos developed as possible and pin them all on the wall. 2) Make my audience feel like they were travelling with me or make them super itchy for travelling.

Air Esky 20151205 RTW Photo Exhibition 02

Air Esky 20151205 RTW Photo Exhibition 03

Notably, I had one more thing in the back of my head while organizing and attending the event. It was to draw my audience's attention to Syria as I visited there in September 2010. I'm not sure how well I managed to do it, but a couple of people came up to me and told me their fantastic stories of travelling in now such a war-torn country. It was great to share our thoughts on the country and we all agreed on how lovely and friendly Syrian people were.
Winter is rapidly approaching the northern hemisphere now. I sincerely hope that they are staying warm.

Air Esky 20151205 RTW Photo Exhibition 04

My gratitude to all who came out to my photo exhibition. It was very fruitful and definitely worth the time and efforts that I had made.
By the way, some of you might have noticed that my photos of North, Central and South America were missing this time. It was just because I ran out of time and the cost went way over my budget.... Please stay tuned and maybe next time?!

当日お越しくださった方 本当にありがとうございました!
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