Airports are somewhat funny places to be, especially those 24hr non-stop international airports.
I just landed in Changi Airport, Singapore, where the whole world seems to be packed neatly in‎ one place. All colours, all nationalities, babies, kids, adults, geeks and dorks are wandering around or dashing to catch their next flights. This is a great stop-over for me to disengage myself from a mono-culture-minded Esky and re-convert myself into what I used to be.

201604 Air Esky Stopover in Singa 00

Yes, I'm hitting the road again!‎

For only two weeks....

‎Where to....?

Somewhere in Indonesia; One of the offshore islands of Sumatra this time.

Heading back into the super tropical climate zone is what I've been after since my time in Panama and Costa Rica back in 2014, though Singapore is already hot and sticky enough for me.
Monkeys, birds, fish, coconuts and bananas must be awaiting my arrival. There will be no Sushi there for sure, and perhaps even no Internet for me from tomorrow, which is actually fantastic and it's another thing that I've long been after; Being offline is the best luxury these days!

201604 Air Esky Stopover in Singa 01

Oh! This brand-new waterproof camera (not a GoPro) will be of my best company in and out of the water over the next two weeks. I will upload some cool shots on Air Esky next month if I ever capture any....
Two more planes to catch tomorrow. I hope that you are all well and happy and also travelling somewhere on this planet :-)


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